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25 Lbs Weighted Blanket Cooling

The 25 lbs cooling weighted blanket is a weight-driven sleep innovation that better sleeps and reduces stress. The blanket is made with breathable and cooling fabric that helps improve sleep, 7-25lb weighting system that assures comfortable sleep, and recovery time. The blanket is also good for sleep in combination with other sleep-friendly items in the home.

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This 25lbs weighted blanket is a cool and cozy blankets to keep you warm and cozy on a cold night. This blanket is made with a crushed-velvet blend that is also weighty and cool. It is also made to be a two-in-one blanket as it is also weighty and cool. This blanket is ideal for anyone from the age of 6 to 80. It is perfect for both bedroom and home gifts.
this 25lb cooling weighted blanket is the perfect accessory for your warm home. With its weight and coolness, this blanket will keep you warm all winter. The grey soft plush fabric is warm and inviting, making it a great choice for a home décor or luxury blanket.
this space-activated space blanket has a 25-pound weight and is made of grey 249 fabric. It is perfect for keeping you warm and will cool down when no longer held by the sun.